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AGSP Screw Press

The screw press can be used in an extremely of municipal waste (MSW) dewatering. The screw press is a very simple, slow moving mechanical devise. Dewatering is continuous and is accomplished by gravity drainage at the inlet end of the screw and then by reducing the volume as the material being dewatered is conveyed from the inlet to the discharge end of the screw press.This screw press has characterizes of gradually compressing and extracting technology.The moisture of waste after dewatering is from 40%~45%!!
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Product details

Working principle


AGSP screw is based on superposition compression principle of design; mainly rely on material box, a screw, a screen, a gas dynamic tail cone to achieve the material squeezing separation of purpose. Materials to be processed after pump or screw tools or crusher if needed, such as evenly conveying to the spiral extrusion separator feed mouth, through the spiral blade of extrusion and screen filter, water or juice after screen flow to under the machine and corrected by the water tray, pressed cake move out from the end of screw press.

Model Selection


Cassava Sludge or Pulp

Sugarcane Pith Waste
Brewery Grains
Vegetable Roots
Cotton Pulp
Sawdust/Wood chips
Food Waste

Kitchen Waste
Dregs of Fat
Fish Waste
Municipal Solid Waste

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